Near the end of the Final War, countless Robots were deactivated or abandoned throughout the Sector.

Man walked through the humid summer field, sometimes lost looking at the sky of incinerated fallen attack satellites. As the trail of light streaked towards the horizon, the young Man’s eye fixed upon a factory. With night slowly washing over the field, the boy quickly approached the building.

Cautiously entering, Man saw a large industrial room created with brick and steel. The smell of engine oil faintly touched his nostrils and the sound of wind quietly rustled through the echoes.

On some rafters, the boy saw a Robot slouched against the rail. With its nape exposed, Man took out his Universal Digital Device and plugged it into the Robot’s Main Processor Unit.

Through the years of survival and Man’s affinity towards electronics, he has learned a few hack skills. As the night continued, Man slowly worked on overriding the Robot’s Hackwall.

Nearing midnight, the Robot’s facial screen began to scroll through a series of numbers and letters. Over a hour passed and the boy, who worked diligently, slowly succumbed to sleep.

A few hours passed and Man heard a digital beep. He gradually opened his eyes and in-front of him were two green rectangular eyes, slightly aberrated with the fine texture of pixels.