In the aftermath of the Final War, the remnants of a bygone
era lay scattered across the desolate Sector, patiently awaiting rediscovery.
While digital keyboards still lingered in the shadows, the art of crafting a
genuine piano had faded into the depths of history.

One fateful evening, as twilight cast eerie shadows across
the land, Guy, in search of shelter, stumbled upon a marvel of architecture. It
was a geometric masterpiece, nestled deep within the tangled overgrowth, a once
magnificent sanctuary perhaps belonging to a wealthy individual from a time
long before the War. The structure had been designed to coexist harmoniously
with nature, but as the ages rolled on, the Earth, relentless in her
reclamation, had begun to smother this once majestic structure.

Stepping cautiously through the overgrowth, Guy found
himself immersed in a tapestry of life. Decades of unchecked growth had
transformed this place into a captivating terrarium, decorated with exotic
houseplants that thrived amidst the decay. Peering through the tangled foliage,
Guy discerned hints of a minimalist aesthetic, once favored by the affluent of
that forgotten era.

His journey through this forgotten sanctuary led him deeper,
and unexpectedly, he stumbled upon a cave-like chamber, now partially submerged
in water. Amidst the rippling reflections, his sight landed on the center marble
platform which stood a real wooden piano. Nature did not spare its attack on
this beautiful equipment, laying down shrubbery and growth wherever it can with
large leaves and ferns.

Guy, whose musical experience was limited to the electronic
touch of digital keyboards of his time, shed his jacket and laid aside his
weapon. With a sense of excitement, he seated himself before the ancient
instrument and began to bring the keys to life. A melody filled the room for
his loyal companion, Doggo.